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Formed by the Word of God, and nourished by the Sacraments, we the servant community of Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, blessed by our diversities, are bound in the Spirit by love, to reach out, respect, and embrace all people.

Bilingual Mass celebrating Deacon Roger Lind (35) and Deacon Juan Valentin (25)
Anniversary of Diaconate Ordination

June 27, 2015
4 o'clock Mass

The Jade and the Silver Jubilee of
Reverend Deacons, Roger Lind and Juan Valentin

We honor and thank both our Deacons, Reverend Roger Lind who celebrates his 35th year of ordination to the Diaconate and Reverend Juan Valentin who celebrates his 25th year of ordination to the Diaconate. We thank you for your vocation to Diaconate. Your vocation is God’s gift to the Church. Your presence brings joy to us.

“Deacons share in Christ's mission and grace in a special way. The sacrament of Holy Orders marks them with an imprint ("character") which cannot be removed and which configures them to Christ, who made himself the "deacon" or servant of all”  (Catechism of the Catholic Church No 1570).  By virtue of the sacrament received a spiritual character is  imposed on a Deacon marking him permanently as a  minister of Christ. Therefore a Deacon is no longer a layman nor can he return to lay state in the strict sense (cfr CCC No 1583).

Deacon is the icon of Christ, the servant in the Church and in the world. Deacon constantly reminds us of Christ who came, “not to be served but to serve”. We often forget Jesus the servant, the Jesus who bent down to wash the dirty feet of his apostles. Washing their feet Jesus posed a question to them: “Do you realize what I have done for you?”(Jn13,12ff.) The same question at a different tone is: “Do we understand why God emptied himself and took the form of a slave?” In a world where all want to be masters and none want to be servants, the Diaconate Ministry challenges us to dedicate ourselves to the service of the poor and abandoned. A Deacon unveils the mystery of the Incarnation in the three fold action of his Ministry.  He shows us how a disciple of Christ should be in the Church and in the world.

The Last Word at Holy Mass

Did you ever notice that a Deacon gets the last word at the Holy Mass? He announces at the end of Mass; Ite, missa est (= Go, the Mass has ended). These words of Deacon remind us of Jesus’ command to the apostles: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…”Mtt.28, 19.

Now going back to “Ite”, ite is a Latin word that a Roman commander would use to address his troops. It is he commanding them to ‘march’ – march to do what we believe to accomplish.

So the Deacon is not simply saying that the Mass has ended. He is not telling us to go home and take a nap. He is inviting the whole church ‘let’s go and do that’. The Eucharist we celebrated doesn’t end here. It is linked to our life outside. We have a mission from Christ to accomplish. Deacon is the ever living sign of Christ’s great command: “Go, therefore”.

Dear Juan and Roger, our love and God’s blessings,

Father Sebastian


                                          El Jade y el Jubileo de Plata de los
                           Reverendos Diáconos, Roger Lind y Juan E. Valentin

Honramos y agradecemos a ambos nuestros Diáconos, Reverendo Roger Lind que celebra sus 35 años de ordenación al Diaconado y al Reverendo Juan E. Valentin que celebra sus 25 años de ordenación al Diaconado.  Les agradecemos por sus vocaciones al Diaconado.  Su vocación es un regalo de Dios a la Iglesia.  Su presencia nos trae alegría.

“Los diáconos participan de una manera especial en la misión y la gracia de Cristo.  El sacramento del Orden los marcó con un sello (“carácter”) que nadie puede hacer desaparecer y que los configura con Cristo que se hizo “diacono”, es decir, el servidor de todos. (Catecismo de la Iglesia Católica 1570).  Por la virtud del Sacramento recibido un carácter espiritual se impone en el diácono marcándolo permanentemente como un ministro de Cristo. Por lo tanto el diácono no es más un laico ni puede volver al estado de laico en el sentido estricto (CFR No 1583).

El diácono es el icono de Cristo, el siervo en la iglesia y del mundo.  El diácono nos recuerda constantemente que Cristo vino, “no para ser servido, sino para servir”.  A menudo nos olvidamos de Jesús el servidor, el Jesús que se dobló hacia abajo para lavar los pies sucios de sus discípulos.  Lavándole los pies, Jesús le planteo una pregunta a ellos: ¿“Entienden ustedes lo que les he hecho”?   (Jn 13,12ff.)  La misma pregunta con un tono diferente: ¿Entendemos por qué Dios se despojó a sí mismo y tomó la forma de un esclavo?”  En un mundo donde todos quieren ser amos y ningunos quieren ser siervos, el Ministerio del Diaconado nos desafía a dedicarnos al servicio de los pobres y abandonados.  El Diácono desvela el misterio de la Encarnación en tres campos de acción del Ministerio.  Nos muestra como un discípulo de Cristo debe ser en la Iglesia y en el mundo.

La Última Palabra en la Santa Misa
¿Alguna vez han notado que el Diácono tiene la última palabra en la Santa Misa? El anuncia al final de la Misa: (Ite, missa est) la Misa ha terminado.  Estas palabras del Diácono nos recuerdan del mandato de Jesús a sus apóstoles: “Vayan, pues, a las gentes de todas las naciones, y háganlas mis discípulos……” (San Mateo 28, 19.)

Ahora, volviendo al “Ite”, ite es una palabra latín que un comandante Romano utilizaba para abordar sus tropas.  Es, él mandándoles a ‘marchar’ – marchar para hacer lo que tenemos que realizar.

Así, que el Diácono no está simplemente diciendo que la Misa se ha terminado.  Él no nos está diciendo que nos vayámonos a la casa a tomar una siesta.  Él está invitando a toda la Iglesia ‘vámonos y hagamos eso.’  La Eucaristía que celebramos no termina aquí.  Esta unida a nuestra vida del exterior.  Tenemos una misión de Cristo para llevar a cabo.  El Diácono es el signo del siempre vivir el gran mandato de Cristo: “Vayan, por lo tanto”.

Querido Juan y Roger, nuestro amor y bendiciones de Dios.
Padre Sebastián




A Welcome Message from our Pastor

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Jesus Christ, 

We warmly welcome all of you to the first Catholic church in West Pasco County. Together with “Our Blessed Mother” we gather at the Table of her Son, Jesus to get nourished and to proclaim His message of love in words and deeds.

We invite you to be a part of our loving Community being present at our Eucharistic celebrations and other events. Every First Friday at 5.00 p.m. is our Family Dinner Time in the Parish Hall. We gather to know one another and to build up new friendships. This year we started the St. Lorenzo 5 Star Breakfast Buffet.  Dates are published in the bulletin.  You must try it as it is the "best in town".

Please visit this magnificent Church adorned with colorful stained glass entrance doors, windows, Carillon Tower, Stations of the Cross and the Doves of Peace; stay here in solitude to get blessings upon you and your family through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother.

We look forward to seeing you!  May God bless you.

With Love,
Father Sebastian Earthedath, MST, Pastor

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Saturday Vigil: 4:00 p.m.
Sunday: 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 a.m.,
12:15 p.m.(Spanish), 5:00 p.m. (English-Teen Mass)


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